Content tennis training

For each area the essence of training forms listed is summarized in short theoretical part. In the tennis training forms are:

  •     Ball and tennis training school for preschoolers
  •     Learn and practice in a small court
  •     Learn and practice the midcourt
  •     Learn and practice normal field
  •     Technology application training ( baseline game , network and attacking game , defense game with opening serve and return)
  •     Coordinative and conditional elements
  •     psychologically oriented training
  •     tactics training
  •     double training
  •     individual training

Content athletic training

The following athletic performance influencing skills are presented with many types of training :

  •     dynamic warm-up
  •     Imitation Technique Training
  •     Training of the leg work
  •     coordination
  •     quickness
  •     Explosive strength
  •     force
  •     speed endurance
  •     endurance
  •     Flexibility training
  •     small Games
  •     Strength training with equipment